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Ryans Castle Weddings

A royal location for wedding ceremonies and photography

Parallel Lines

Experience the grandeur. Uncover the secrets. Welcome to Ryans Castle weddings, where history, luxury, and enchantment merge under one roof. Will you will find the hidden treasures within its walls? Discover the extraordinary that awaits at Ryans Castle.

The The ChapelChapel 


















We rent out our medieval style chapel carriage house for ceremonies and as a location for photography for royal style fairytale weddings. The chapel accommodates up to 70 guests comfortably. The chapel boasts a grand medieval 19th century 15’ tall gothic marble altar. It was hand sculpted by a well known Irish sculptor, Micheal Kirwan, in Ireland over 200 years ago. It is signed by him on the right side of the altar. It was brought from Ireland, as well as the church pews and reconstructed in our Chapel. We provide the Chapel as a location for ceremonies only, we do not provide a photographer or justice of the peace. 






The Castle is a dramatic, romantic, royal location for photography. It is lavishly decorated with antiques from all over Europe and is reminiscent of castles created centuries ago. It is unlike anything found in Alberta and it always exceeds expectations especially to talented photographers that are able to capture the glamour and magic of the surroundings. I provide the location only, not a photographer.


Ryans Castle Royal wedding packages 


Option #1

Includes the grand chapel carriage house for the ceremony, all of the available areas in the castle for photography, as well as all the outdoor areas in front of the castle.  A lavish medieval royal dressing chamber for the bride is included. It is a step back in time, a grand oasis for her to dress, get ready and relax  with her maids before the ceremony. It is a two story loft in which the dressing chamber is above and the privy throne is below that is accessed by a spiral staircase. Brides and maids can arrive at 7am, groom and groomsmen at any time preferred. The groom may dress in the grand carriage house building and relax and enjoy the space with his groomsmen prior to arrival of the guests. The guests may stay and enjoy the timeless beauty of the surroundings, visit and relax at the castle until 5;30 - 6pm

Rehearsals the day prior to your special day are welcome and require NO extra cost. For prices please email me at





Option #2


Includes the grand Chapel Carriage House building for the ceremony and photography, and all of the outdoor areas in front of the castle.  This option also includes the Royal dressing chamber for the bride and the chapel the day prior for a rehearsal. Please email for prices at



If you decide on option #1 please note the following :



I allow only the bride, groom, and photographers into the main building of the castle as it is my private residence. Having just the couple in this area is what gives the extremely intimate romantic images created by photographers. Please, I do not allow shoes with stiletto heels to be worn inside this building. I do allow clean new flats and chunky or wedge heels.

The wedding couple can have photography taken with the wedding party and family, in the grand chapel carriage house, on the patios and all outdoor areas in front of the castle.


We do not accommodate receptions but we do provide complimentary beverages to guests after the ceremony. We have recently adjusted our services. We no longer offer overnight stays except to the wedding couple if requested.


Photography by
Jillianila Bothe Photography,, Esthermoermanphoto, Thomasina Bosch Photography, Just Married Photography and Jillian Oleksyn photography
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The wedding guests may stay and enjoy the castle grounds and grand carriage house until 5:30 - 6pm. It gives them a place to relax and visit before the reception, if you are having one. We attend to all their needs. Often the time between the ceremony and reception is a time when the guests have nowhere to go especially out of towners.

Ryans Castle has recognized this need to help your day go as flawlessly for your guests as it does for you. It also gives you and your guests a whole day at the castle instead of a few hours. The surroundings offer everyone the sense of being in another time in a far away place. Guests feel as if they are the courtiers, people attending a royal court as witnesses to a royal wedding event.

wedding style shoot 3.jpg

Outdoor Ceremonies

If you would enjoy an outdoor ceremony instead of a chapel themed ceremony Ryans Castle is the location for this! the space in front of the chapel building is the perfect backdrop. If this is something you are considering seating for your guests would need to be brought in as well as any decorations you would want

Ryans Castle in new Christmas movie! 


Vision Films Releases Enchanted New Fairytale, Christmas With A Crown

Vision Films, Inc. Los Angeles

Vision Films Inc. announces the DVD and VOD release of Christmas With A Crown on December 1, 2020. The full-length romantic comedy from Director Dylan Pearce, Executive Producers Andrew Scholotiuk,  will be available in the US and Canada.

Additionally, the richly decorated royal tableaus were created by filming on location at the unique, European style Ryans Castle, also located in Alberta, providing the realistic backdrop of grandeur.

We look forward to serving you at Ryans Castle and will make your special day a wonderful and memorable experience!
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